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Buzz Mass Student Upload File Not Uploading Correctly

Denisse Castillo
I am an administrator on my site and I have been uploading CVS files to create users, However, every time there is always a user that cannot log-in and I have to go and reset their password. Today, I uploaded a file and every student that had a capital letter in their password got uploaded without the capital letter. Is there something wrong with Buzz? why does it not upload users exactly how they are in the upload file? are there password changes lately I am not aware about?

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Steven Martins
  • Agilix team member

Hi Denisse,

Buzz should be working as expected. I had no issues uploading a CSV file to my domain to create user accounts with passwords containing capital letters. There may be an issue with the formatting or values within your CSV file. However, since the file you're uploading to Buzz contains sensitive user information, I recommend contacting the authorized support contact at your organization to create a ticket with Agilix Support. In the ticket with Agilix Support, you can share your domain ID and the CSV file you're using to create users within Buzz or an example file that exhibits the same behavior. That way, you won't have to worry about potentially exposing sensitive user information on this public forum.

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