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User Experience/Interface

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Jacob Paulson
Hello! I have some feedback about the UX. I just started using Agilix (through Bright Thinker) this past month. I think that there are many tools in this program, but there could be a lot of improvement to the user experience/interface. For example, the calendar is a useful tool, but it isn't obvious for students to see. It is also kind of small. Then as a teacher, the landing page is cool (and maybe my admin needs to fix it), but it is off center and it is small. Why can't I have my landing page be full width? Why can't I embed an iframe to have 100% height? It allows 100% width, but then if I am putting in a video, then it will come out weird. Ex: 1080p video. Do I put it as 1920x1080? No because if a student is viewing it in a half tab, then it will cut off half of the video. So I have to put it at 480x640 so that they can put it in full screen, but then it still looks weird because I can't center the embed and so now it is on the left side and there is a bunch of empty space. Would it be possible to integrate a more modern html web builder? (Wordpress? Elementor? Wix?) I've helped design websites and so it hurts me a little knowing that the backend is great, but the front end is confusing. Teachers and students are confused on how to navigate and it is hard to make the site look as good as it could be.


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