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Calendar - different end date than what I have saved

Kirsten Coble
Hi, I have followed all steps to set up a continuous course with 87 days Aug 21, 2023 - Jan. 12, 2024. No matter what I do, it does everything correctly except that it sets the end date as Jan. 25th. I have tried changing the number of days, changing the end date, and everything else I can think of. Please help! I don't want student to think he has until January 25th to finish the course work.

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Steven Martins
  • Agilix team member

Hello Kirsten,

The end date of the course will only determine whether the course appears as "Active" within the Courses tool of the Admin App. Whereas the end date of the student's enrollment will determine how long they have to complete the course.

I recommend navigating to the Courses tool within the Admin App, clicking on the course ID of the course in question, selecting the Enrollments tab, and clicking on the enrollment ID for the student in question. From there, you should be able to adjust the student's enrollment end date.

However, to investigate further, could you provide me with the enrollment ID for your student? Also, could you clarify the behavior you're experiencing within the Calendar tool of the Teacher App?

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