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Add roles to a user

Geoff Barrett
How do you add a role to a user. Our problem, we have a person who already has the role "administrator" but doesn't get access to the Teacher App. We tried to add a teacher role, but can't find where to do that. He has created a course with the role of teacher, but still doesn't get a teacher app on his menu. How can we fix this?

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Allison Shepherd
  • Agilix team member

Good afternoon Geoff,

An administrator will only have access to the Administrator and Student Apps unless they are enrolled in a course with the role of "Teacher" or "Owner" (then they will have access to the Teacher App). 

If this user is enrolled in a course with one of those roles and is still not able to access the Teacher App, please provide the enrollment ID for this user's enrollment in the course so that I can further investigate. 

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