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Video Recording Errors and Issues

Katie Larson
Using the native video recorder in Buzz when giving students feedback, I used to be able to record videos up to three minutes long. However, in the last month, something has changed and I am unable to record a video over 2 minutes without receiving an error. I will record a video under three minutes, click to process the video, and wait for it in the system. But, if the video is somewhere over two minutes (it varies by time; sometimes it is 2 minutes and 15 seconds, and other times it could be 2 minutes 45 seconds), I receive the error, "The media file exceeds the size allowed by license." I have been using the same camera and microphone setup since 2020; nothing has changed. Prior to June 2023, while using the same camera and microphone setup with my computer, I was able to record a video up to three minutes long using Buzz's native recorder in feedback. Starting in early June, I began getting that error if a video was over two minutes. Why am I suddenly unable to use the tool in the same way I was for years prior?

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Mariah Dolan

I am having the same issue. Thank you for starting this conversation. 

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Kari Klingsporn Hitterdal

I have the exact same concerns. Thank you for looking into this matter!

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Steven Martins
  • Agilix team member

Hi Katie,

I understand how frustrating it can be when a tool you've relied on starts behaving differently. Hopefully, I can provide some clarity regarding the behavior you're experiencing.

I can confirm the " file exceeds the size allowed by license" message is due to a 50MB recorded video file size cap within Buzz. That file cap determines the maximum duration of a video. The total file size is influenced by various factors, such as the camera recording resolution, the amount of light captured, and the amount of noise present during the recording. Even though you have been using the same camera and microphone setup since 2020, external variables could impact the resulting file size and duration.

To improve the user experience, we are actively exploring possible changes to address this 50MB limitation. However, until such a change is implemented, it is expected that users may encounter this hard limit.

To work within the current constraints, I suggest recording shorter videos that fall within the size limit, using a device with a lower recording quality to reduce the file size, or utilizing third-party providers like Google Drive or YouTube to host and share longer videos. By inserting links to externally hosted videos, your students can access the content by clicking on the provided links.

I recommend continuing to collaborate with your organization's support representatives regarding the open ticket with Agilix Support. They're actively addressing the discussed topic within the ticket and can provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date information. Doing so will also help keep the conversation organized and ensure that any developments or solutions are communicated to you effectively.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this limitation, and I appreciate your understanding as we work towards enhancing the user experience.

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