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Visable Non-Graded view in student grade view

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Tabatha Kilgore
Enhancements to Grade View and or Gradebook I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share some suggestions to improve the user experience and functionality within the Grade View section of our platform. Firstly, it would be beneficial to set the "Syllabus Order" tab as the default view in the Grade View, as it provides a more logical and organized presentation of the information. This change would streamline the user experience for our educators. Additionally, it would be advantageous to include an option in the settings to display non-graded activities within the Grade View. This enhancement would help align the information that teachers see on the class screen—particularly regarding "late" activities—with the information in the Grade View. Alternatively, we could consider incorporating a visual indicator, such as a red dot, in the Grade Book's table view for any late or missing assignments since you are able to see the "non gradable" activities in the gradebook. This would assist educators in identifying and addressing late submissions more efficiently. Thank you for considering these suggestions. I believe that implementing these changes will greatly enhance the platform's usability and effectiveness for our educators.


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