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Agenda Summary in Teacher Home Page

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Flew Flewelling
A suggestion for improvement would be to include an Agenda Summary of each course I teach on my Teacher Home Page. This could be included in the Dashboard tab. Or it could be a third tab (Courses | Dashboard | Agenda Summary). This feature would pull the Agendas out of those courses and post them in order on the summary page. Just like I can hide/unhide courses on the Courses page, I'd like to be able to hide/unhide Agendas on this summary page. It would give me a daily quick glance at what is schedule in all my classes. Thanks for considering!

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Kevin McBride

I agree. And it would be great to be able to edit from such a view too.

The agendas for me are a lot like a public plan book. I would love to be able to quickly see and edit the upcoming agendas.

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