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Editing Questions on an Assessment for a Group within a Group Set

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Holly Rohde

Is it possible to edit questions and answer responses for 1 specific group only? I have multiple groups set up in a course, but when I try to edit the questions for different groups, it changes the question for All groups. 

For example, if I wanted to modify the text for question #1 for 2 different groups in my class, it doesn't allow me too...the edits apply to all groups Is this possible to do?


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Scott Taylor

Hello Holly,

It is not possible at this time to edit individual questions to be different between groups within a single item at this time. We'll flag this suggestion for further discussion for possible future development.

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Holly Rohde

Hi Scott,

Great! Thank  you. I know this would be a wonderful option in general. Really, this would be great as my teachers are modifying for special education students and personalizing the assessments for specific learning needs.

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