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We have several Online students trying to view videos or interactive areas of the site.  They keep getting prompted to install or update flash.  Sometimes there's no prompt at all, it just loads a blank page.  After some navigating around to get the prompt to popup they can click in update (which doesn't actually update anything since we have the latest version installed already).  What is the deal with flash player?  Does the website need to move away from flash or is there something else?  It's really annoying to have to take those extra steps for everyone every time they try to view something.



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Scott Taylor


Buzz itself does not have any Flash requirements. It is up to schools and the content creator for the lessons and activities on if they have included Flash. Each browser has a different way to handle Flash as well. Here is information regarding best steps to allow Flash on Chrome: Use or fix Flash audio & video - Chrome Help

A search will be able to provide the recommended steps for other browsers to enable Flash.

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Aileen Sweeney

I've downloaded and installed the free Puffin browser, on an iPad, in order to access web sites that required the use of Flash. The Apple Safari browser does not support flash. The Puffin browser worked for me when I installed it on the iPad. 

Here is the site that required Flash.

This website is a searchable repository of many of the old Newspapers published in New York State. The old Newspapers found on this site has have been scanned by production grade Wicks and Wilson Microfilm scanners which, in the authors opinion, are the finest available. The microfilm for this site was obtained from the State of New York Newspaper Project (1970s early 1980’s) and/or from libraries, historical societies, or private individuals who wanted to share what they had.


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