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Feature Request - Observer Notifications

Megan Riggers

I think it would be really nice to have a feature that allowed for observes to get an email or text notification (maybe with the option that the school or teacher could set and then they could modify if needed) that would let them know their student's grades every week/bi-weekly, monthly, etc, when they are in danger of failing especially.  I know they can log in and check anytime but for whatever reason, many of our parent's do not.  It would be nice if they got a "your child is in danger of failing" warning sent automatically.  Or even a report option to send them a printout of the performance area or a link to their child's performance area?  

Just a thought!  

Thank you!

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Scott Taylor

Thank you for you suggestion Megan!

We will add your feedback to the list of items to discuss for possible future development.

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