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Flew Flewelling

I have an essay question that is an "Is this possible" question.  The students solve the math problem in the essay box and then state whether it is possible or not.  Since they get only 1 attempt on this, I would like to show them feedback as soon as they submit the question.  This would show them the correct answers immediately and make it easier for me to grade because the answers would be displayed under the essay box.  Currently it doesn't show the feedback until I grade it. 

When the student submits, they see this.
When I receive it on my to-do list, I see this:After I grade it, I see this:

I'd like to put the feedback at the bottom as soon as they submit it, before I grade it.  How would I do this?

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Scott Taylor

Hello Flew,

Feedback is displayed as soon as the question is scored and returned to the student, provided it meets the other conditions set for feedback to display (like if it requires the answer to be correct, etc.). There is not currently a way for feedback on an essay question to display until the score is set for the question by the teacher.

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