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Gradebook "0"s

Michael Terry

Good Afternoon,

In the gradebook, I understand that a red 0 means the assignment is late, but what does a grey 0 mean?

Thank you!

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Kevin McBride

Students are still able to submit an assignment that has a black zero. A red zero indicates that they cannot submit this assignment any longer.

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Bruce Sharp

Under the gradebook settings for each item, there is an option that says "treat unscored as zero." That will put a black zero in for every student the moment the assignment is made active/visible. It is indicating that the assignment is incomplete. If you didn't check that box incomplete assignments would be blank. They would essentially be excused for students who don't do the assignment. A red zero indicates that the student has somehow "earned' a score of zero. Either they attempted the assignment and earned zero points, or you typed in a score of zero, or you did a bulk grade update filling in unscored items with a zero.

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