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Mass Enroll All Students All Students in Domain into an Orientation Course

Michael Terry

Is there a way to enroll all users in a domain into one course (in this case, an orientation course)? I can see how to enroll one at a time, but with 100 students, that may be pretty time consuming.



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Scott Taylor

Hello Michael,

A tool that may be beneficial for enrolling a large number of users into a course would be a batch import for creating enrollments. Information on how to perform the import can be found in the article How do I batch import data using tab-delimited and comma-separated files? under the section Importing enrollment data (Under the Old UI option).

An example of what they file contents could look like for creating enrollments is as follows:

Action,User ID,Course ID,Start Date,End Date

There would be a line for each user to be enrolled. If all the users are to be enrolled as a student in the same course with the same start and end time the only information that would change on each line would be the User ID.

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