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Chris Lyles

I'm attempting to run a simple command to pull back enrollment records for a list of courses:

listenrollments&limit=1000&query=/courseid in (<id1>,<id2>,<id3>,<id4>,<id5>)&select=course&domainid=<dID>

The results are not complete.  I'm expecting that all enrollment records would be returned for each class within the domain.  Unfortunately, I'm only getting a subset.

As a result, I had to use listentityenrollments&entityid=<courseId> API and loop through the list of courses.  This is a little time consuming.

Can you tell me why the listenrollments doesn't return all of the enrollment records and if I'm stuck using the listentityenrollments API, is there a way to include more than one course in the query?




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Scott Taylor


I have been unable to reproduce the behavior stated, in fact the ListEnrollments querying the CourseIDs returned more enrollments in the course than the individual ListEntityEnrollments due to ListEnrollments returning enrollments in different states than ListEntityEnrollments (as designed).

There is not currently a way to query multiple courses with ListEntityEnrollments, though ListEnrollments should pull all the non-deleted enrollments for the queried courses. Is it possible the limit needs to be raised to return the additional enrollments? If more assistance is required please coordinate with your support point of contact to escalated a ticket so exact details can be reviewed.

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Chris Lyles

Hey Scott,

Thinking about this...  The documentation states:  "All listed enrollments must be in this domain. To search all domains for which the current user has rights"  The second sentence is the part that is a little confusing.  We have all of our course "users" listed in a single domain.  The courses are listed in various domains.  The problem I'm running into looks to be more of a permissions problem.  When you are attempting to reproduce this problem, are you able to test using our user/course implementation?  Hope that makes sense...


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Scott Taylor

Hey Chris,

The full statement for the DomainID section should be "All listed enrollments must be in this domain. To search all domains for which the current user has rights, specify 0." What that means is if you use "0" for the DomainID rather than a specific DomainID then it will query all the domains which the current user has permissions for rather than being limited to a specified domain. Enrollments can be housed in any domain, with the owning domain usually being the domain where the course is housed.

To test using your specific information it would require a ticket be created to review exact data and IDs.

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