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Objective Mastery by completion

Josh Kaplan

I am attempting to have students reach mastery by completing activities rather than by grading them. In other words, I want the objective to be "mastered" when a student marks activities as complete - not when they receive a grade for something.

Am I correct in assuming that you cannot do this? It looks like, even though I can tie an objective to one of these assignments, they don't actually result in the students mastering the objective?

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Bruce Sharp

Just to clarify, you are adding an assignment to your course in Buzz (not an assessment or practice, so there are not actual questions attached). You are linking objectives to that assignment. When the students complete whatever the activity is they click the "mark as complete" box. When the kids mark complete, Buzz doesn't follow through and mark the linked objectives as Mastered. Is that the issue?

Josh Kaplan

Yes, that's exactly right, Bruce.

Bruce Sharp

If Agilix doesn't have an answer for you, I may have a work-around for you.

Make a new assignment category in your gradebook. Call it something like Mastery Activities. Make it worth 0% of their grade so it won't affect anything. You may even want to call it "Mastery Activities (doesn't count for a grade)" to make it more clear to students and parents.

Now, instead of adding an Assignment, add an Assessment or Practice. Add one question to the assessment/practice that is multiple choice. The question could say "I have mastered this topic" or "I have completed this work" or something along those lines. The answer choices would be Yes and No (with yes being the correct answer). Be sure to link your desired objectives to the question. In the gradebook tab make it worth 1 point. Be sure to set the category to the one you created earlier.

When a student completes the activity, instead of checking "completed" they answer the question "yes". Now Buzz will think they have mastered the objectives because they earned 100%. Because the category is worth 0% it will have no effect on their grade.

Scott Taylor

Hello Josh,

Objective Mastery currently is designed to be based off of student performance, not activity completion. Only gradable activities will affect the mastery percentage. We do have plans to display the number of activities that are aligned to the objective and how many of those are completed by the student in addition to the performance based Objective Mastery percentage. There is not currently an ETA for this feature.

Anne Webb

take a look at this.....


I have a concepts folder with 5 of the course objectives (1-4).   then inside the folder, i created 4 assignments, one for each of the four objectives.  in the assignment settings, i set it to be "marked as complete when passing score is met", and I made the passing score an 80%.  In the concepts folder settings, I made it so that a badge is assigned upon completing of the assignments in the folder.  So, the badge is showing up, but when I check the mastery of my pretend student, it says none of the objectives are mastered....How do i get that to change?  I think it probably has something to do with my mastery settings.....but i'm at a loss

Anne Webb

my setting for mastery looks like this. i was thinking that it might not be showing up because i had formative assessment and remediation assessment with points, so I made those zero

Anne Webb

and btw, I did grade the assignments for my "dummy student". I made sure to assign scores that I knew would meet my threshold....still not showing up on mastery bars

Scott Taylor


To investigate this behavior further would require more information. Please direct this question to your support point of contact so that it may be investigated further to resolve your questions.

Anne Webb

I found the answer.  Turns out, if I make create own objectives, which I did, the only way the mastery data will show up is if I connect them to an Assessment or Practice Question assignment.  I am in the process of trying it to make sure it works!!


Thanks for the help!

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