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Feature idea (LEVEL 2)

 Is there a way for students to respond to the teacher's feedback on a particular assignment so that there is a mini-discussion thread between the student and teacher about that particular assignment? Right now if I pose questions to a student within an assignment's feedback, the student has to reply to those questions using email.

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Scott Taylor


Currently teacher feedback on an assignment is one way, there is not a feature to allow a response on feedback from a student on the item. This idea will be included in discussions for possible features for student/teacher interaction.

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Wendy Cooley

This would be a nice feature.


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Annette Walaszek

Has there been any update on plans for this type of feature? We have recently have teachers ask about this as a way to encourage two-way communication to improve the feedback process.

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Our teachers have also been requesting this feature. Please add the ability for students to reply to teacher feedback within Buzz and the specific assignment. 

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Michele Nickels

Just checking in to see if this is in the cue at all for consideration.  Also, just having some notification that learners even clicked on the score (from gradebook or activity stream) and reviewed feedback would be wonderful.  Thanks for your consideration and any updates here-Michele

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