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Wendy Cooley

 Hi!  I am trying the student Blog activity for the first time.  It could be great, but PLEASE, PLEASE fix a few things as quickly as possible so that my students can really participate in this blog.  

1.  At the very least, make sure that Students are NOTIFIED on the Buzz dashboard if someone comments on their post.  (I believe that Discussions already do this.)  

2.  Another great option would be if students were notified if anyone posted in the blog.  That would get them to go look at the latest posts.  Perhaps that could be a setting that the teacher could choose to activate or not.  For my purposes (for this yearlong blog), it would be fantastic.

3.  As already mentioned here before, please allow pictures and video into the blog posts.

4.  Another huge problem that almost makes the blog unworkable for students is that they cannot figure out how to comment.  Could you PLEASE change this so the comment box is automatically underneath the blog and they don't have to click the title again to get the comment box up?  Or make a clear "Read Comments and Make Comments" Button for them to push.  I am telling you that kids cannot figure out how to make comments even though I put instructions on how to do it.  It is not intuitive.


I really, really want to be able to use this blog feature in my class, but with the problems it has right now, it really is pretty worthless.  Kids are not notified of comments or other students posts.  It is out of sight, out of mind for them.  Then, if they do get on it is not easy to see how to post comments.  Please make this blog better so the kids can really enjoy it this year and it can be truly useful!  It has such potential that it just drives me crazy that Buzz stopped just short of making it really useful!  

I posted this in the wrong place before:  In question and answer, but it got 5 likes, so please elevate it in importance!

 Thank you!


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