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Fractions with Variables

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Kevin McBride

My students are working on area for various shapes. I would like to use mixed numbers as a variable instead of decimals. Is this possible without me listing the answers to every variable? 

I know fractions are not supported in Buzz, which is a huge let down. But are there any workarounds?

Type: F, Number
Var: x = 2..20, 0.3
Var: y = 2..20, 0.25
1) What is the area of this triangle b=$x$ h=$y$ [Media:tri1.png]
a. =.5*$x$*$y$

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Bruce Sharp

Hi Kevin, I agree that Buzz should really be able to handle fractions. I can see where mixed numbers would especially be a problem. The only way I can see to do this is with list variables. It could look something like what I have below. Of course you could make the numbers anything you want. (It looks like you may be working on having them change decimals to fractions.)

Var: tri.Base = 3,3,4,4

Var: tri.Height = 5,7,6,8

Var: tri.Area = 7 1/2,10 1/2,12,16

1) Find the area of the triangle with b = $tri.Base$ and h = $tri.Height$.

a. $tri.Area$

If you really wanted to get fancy and know how to make a table in HTML (which I'm not good at) you could make the question type multiple fill-in. Then make a table with 2 rows and 2 columns. Span rows in the first column to make a single cell (for the whole number) draw a border under the top cell in the second column for the fraction bar. The kids would then type the whole number, numerator, and denominator in separate answer blanks. Your variable would have to change to look something like this:

Var: tri.Base = 3,3

Var: tri.Height = 5,7

Var: tri.whole = 7,10

Var: tri.num = 1,1

Var: tri.den = 2,2

 1) Find the area of the triangle with b = $tri.Base$ and h = $tri.Height$.

table code here

a. $tri.whole$

b. $tri.num$

c. $tri.den$

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