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add a negative -> subtraction

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Bruce Sharp

Is there any way for Buzz to recognize that adding a negative can be replaced by subtraction?

I want to do something like this:

Var: a = 2..7

Var: b = 2..7

Var: c = 2..7

1) Factor  `$b$x^2+$eval($a$*$b$-$c$,#)x-$eval($a$*$c$,#)`

a. (x+$a$)($b$x-$c$)

The problem is that sometimes the middle term will be positive and sometimes it will be negative. I don't want the students to get a question that looks like 3x^2+-4x-7. (BTW I just wrote that code on the fly so please excuse any errors.)

The +-4 in the middle is not good math. Is there a way to get Buzz to recognize that in cases such as this it should just display -4?


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