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Feature Request - Display correct answer

Bruce Sharp

I have a practice activity that my students are working on. It uses variables to generate a new question with each attempt. I want them to be able to see what the correct is if they enter a wrong answer. I'm seeing that many incorrect typing correct answers. I enabled the "show correct" option, but what it shows isn't useful for my students. Buzz is showing them the code for the correct answer, which they don't understand.

Buzz needs to show the "display" as if I used the $eval. You can see my sample below. x^eval(7+4) doesn't mean much to my students. This is a very simple answer. Some are much more involved with multiple variables, fractions, coefficients, and exponents.

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Scott Taylor

Thank you for the feedback on further feedback improvements Bruce! We will keep this in mind for discussion on future updates to question feedback.

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