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Scoring Practice Question assignments

Flew Flewelling

Suggestion for improvement:

When I go in to grade a Practice Questions assignment that a student has only partially completed, the score at the top is what the "weighted" score is.  This makes it difficult to grade when I don't know what the "actual" score should be.     

So for instance, this assignment is set to have a weighted score of 20.  

This student hasn't completed all the questions, so her score is out of the weight score of 20. 
In order to grade the assignment, I have to go to a student who has completed the assignment and see what the total actual score is.  This student below completed all the questions showing that the assignment was actually out of 28 points. 

So now I go back into the original student's assignment, count up the points that she had correct, divide them by 28 and then times them by 20 to put in her score. 

This would be so much easier if her assignment would just have said 0/28 to begin with.  In the event, that different students get different questions with different point values, when the student clicks on "Prepare Questions," Buzz should know what the actual total score is for each student anyway and be able to reflect that at the top of the assignment, not the weighted score.

Please consider!

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Bruce Sharp

The root of this question is students who partially completed an assignment but didn't submit their answers. I believe that's why Flew is going through every question of every assignment for every student who didn't submit an assignment. That is potentially a lot of work.

This also pertains to a previous discussion post regarding providing teachers some sort of option to force submit or Buzz automatically submitting when the due date arrives, etc.

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Scott Taylor

Thank you both for your feedback regarding the behavior of Practice Questions. We will keep these points in mind when considering further enhancements.

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