Buzz: Product Feedback

Smaller envelope around course activities

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)

Please make the "envelope" around the actual working area in Buzz smaller, so more of the content is viewable. It drives me nuts that the actual viewing area is so small (especially when using embedded content). There is all of this "stuff" on the perimeter of the page that is unnecessary. Why have the previous and next activities buttons at the bottom of the page when you have a back and forward arrow up top? Why have alllllll the objectives taking up so much real estate at the bottom of the page instead of a link to those objectives? Why have the submission button up top when it only jumps to the submission section at the bottom? To me, this is just a waste of valuable screen real estate. When I have students working on a small-screen Chromebook or the like, they have like a 4-5 inch strip to view course activities. The amount of scrolling required is just bad design, IMHO.


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