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API Call to move Course Item up to root or default level of course

Brian Collins
We have a situation where we upload an IMS package into an existing course. We're able to upload but it creates an activity with all of the items nested within the activity. Ideally, it would upload the item data into the default or root of the course, not a activity placeholder. Understanding that it may not be possible on upload we want to be able to move the course data from the newly created activity when we uploaded, one level up. Is this possible?

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Steven Martins
  • Agilix team member

Hey Brian,

The application you're using to export the IMS package may not be packaging the content ideally how you'd like. If it's not possible to resolve this behavior with the application exporting the IMS file, you may need to modify the item position using the API. 

If you want to use the API afterward to move items to different positions relative to other items in the course, you would need to use the API command PutItems. However, for additional API support, I would recommend reaching out to your authorized support representative to submit a ticket to Agilix Support.

I hope this helps!

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