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Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Kevin McBride

With the new interactive questions, I was very excited that there might be a way to create a question type that has students sort answers into groups. For example, a student could have a list of triangles and sort them as equilateral, scalene, or isosceles categories. This, of course, can be done as separate multiple-choice questions, but the interactive component could make this type of question more engaging and more similar to the question types we see on state assessments.


I thought maybe one way to do it is to use a matching question to drag image choices onto an image background. If there is more than one choice in a category, I could use overlapping drop areas. However, when taking the test, it doesn't allow me to drop 2 choices in this way. This type of question could be useful in a lot of different ways,


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Susan Valentine

Thanks for sharing this idea!  We'd love to see this type of interactive option. 

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