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Changing a course domain via API doesn't

I have a series of enrollments that were not configured correctly. I attempted to change these enrollments to a domain via the API but none of the changes were reflected in Buzz.

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Brian Collins

The API should return an 'OK' response for when the command processes correctly, and the error when it doesn't.  You'll need to provide some more information as to what is returned.

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Sorry I should have been more specific. I receive the OK response but nothing changes to the enrollments

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member


Courses and enrollments can be moved to different domains using the API. I am not sure from your title and post body as to what was not configured properly? Additionally, is this pertaining to courses, or the enrollments? If you could provide additional details on what you are attempting to do, what has happened, what you are expecting, that will help provide additional clarity to us. 

If you are attempting to move an enrollment to another course, you may do that through the Buzz UI move enrollment feature in the admin app. 

If you are attempting to move an enrollment to a different domain you will need to use the API call UpdateEnrollments and specify where the domain of the enrollment should be housed in. 

If additional API support is needed, please reach out to your authorized support contact to have a ticket summited to Agilix Support. 

Take care! 

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I am attempting to move an enrollment from one domain to another. I know the command and formatting is correct, I get the "OK" return value, but nothing changes in Buzz.

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