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Linked copies from the Library - why do title changes not apply?

Meri Tunison
Hello! When you use the Library to pull a Linked version of a resource into a new course, why do changes to the title of the original not get automatically updated in the Linked version as well? The content is still linked, and most of the settings - but not all of those either. Is there a list anywhere of which content pieces and settings are maintained by choosing "Link" versus "Copy"? We've done some internal testing but I learn something new every few months, it feels like :) Thank you!

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Meri! Good questions!

I am sorry to say we don't have a list of what changes are preserved versus those that are not.

I recommend reaching out to your authorized support representative to submit a ticket to Agilix Support with reproduction steps allowing us to see the behavior occur and document it for investigation. 

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Meri Tunison

Thank you Brian, I just went in to test this out again and now I got it to work for the titles of folders/activities. Excellent!

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