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IMPORTANT - Student Feedback opens with Student Submission

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Ivan Traylor

I just logged in as a student and realized that when students see my feedback, they don't also see the assignment they submitted (without closing the feedback and making a few clicks). This is a HUGE disconnect. If we don't yet have the capacity to record video that includes our screen (without using screencastify), then we, at least, need to have it so that when students open up their student feedback they are looking at (and being able to edit) the assignment they submitted. For a students to view feedback without also EASILY being able to see what they turned in at the same time (without having to open up multiple tabs) is problematic. Maybe there is an easy workaround that I haven't thought of... If not, that seems huge to me. I love giving my students feedback and it is one of the KEY elements that gives a virtual a potential advantage over the classroom. Students need to be able to click "View Feedback, then read, listen, or watch, our comments, then ON THE SAME PAGE, be able to listen to feedback and apply it. I am starting to understand why a number of my students don't fix some of the things I have told them to correct. Yes, they should be able to take notes on paper or open up another tab - but when kids only have one screen to work with, it might be asking a bit much.

What would be extra cool is for the student to be able to look at their feedback, make edits, AND add a voice or video recording using the Direct Email Feature (or simply add it to their assignment).

I know this sounds like a substantial project... :(

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Michele Nickels

Just wondering if this perhaps might be in the works or under review?

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Sue Steiner

This is HUGE for me as well.  I don't think that students always look at the feedback or if they do, they don't go back to the other screen to see the original problem.  

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