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Bruce Sharp

The way Buzz currently scores practice activities is counter-intuitive for students, parents, and teachers alike. Can you please have scores in the gradebook update with each question a student completes in a practice activity? It should at least be an option.

For comparison, let's use the real-life example of a worksheet. If a student hands in a worksheet and correctly completes 9 questions and leaves one question blank I would give that student a score of 9 out of 10 points (as would every teacher I know). Buzz, however, doesn't give the student a score at all. Worse, since I have treat unsubmitted as zero checked, the student actually earns 0 points even though they correctly completed 90% of the work! This would also be true for the many teachers who use the course setting to apply zero after the due date. I understand that you would want to differentiate an incomplete assignment somehow. One option would be to make the score a different color or even better, highlight the cell in the gradebook similar to the pink gradations for late work. The shading could lighten as more of the assignment is completed.

It is a difficult discussion with parents when I have to explain why their student doesn't get points for correctly answered questions. Especially when the justification is "that's just the way the technology works." Please consider making this improvement to Buzz.

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Flew Flewelling

Very well written!  This is an improvement we've been asking for for years!  It aligns with best practice, promotes open communication, and would give students, teachers, admin, and parents a better indicator of student progress.  

Please consider!

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Jeremy Walker

This would be a huge improvement that would alleviate so many issues that we have seen over the years. I do strongly suggest some sort of visual indicator to help everyone also know that not all of the problems were submitted so it is easy for everyone to see that there are more problems to be done. Please consider tackling this important ask and improving the accuracy of student data, especially in these trying times. We all need all the tools we can get!!

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Stephen Gill

I agree that I would love to see this change implemented in Buzz practice questions.  Currently, I have instructed my students to go through each individual question and hit submit before they even start their assignment.  Seems like a large waste of time that my students can be spending on learning material as opposed to trying to find a fix for a flawed system.  It would be great if the assignments were automatically scored as the students completed them, or insert a "submit all" button that the students can click to do this prior to an assignment.  I am looking forward to some change here because I know that it will make my students' much happier.

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Bruce Sharp

This improvement is still much-needed. I can't emphasize how big of an issue this is with our teachers, parents, and students. 

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