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Late assignments allowed until a date

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Katelynd DeSanctis
In my district we currently have to allow students to correct/hand in work up until the end of the marking period. It would be a huge time saver to have an option under accepting late work to be until a certain date. I currently have always allow late assignments on, but then need to go in and edit each assignment at the end of the marking period to no longer accept late assignments.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Thank you for the feedback Katelynd! 

Would using a grace period (late submissions rule in the activity settings) as part of the allow late submissions be a solution to this? See image below. 

Additionally, if it has not been attempted, you may stop accepting submitted assignments through the activity grader by selecting the activity name in the column header from the teacher's gradebook, then, select the tools button at the top right hand of the page. 

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Katelynd DeSanctis

Thank for the reply Brian. I've used the grace period of days, but it is a lot to keep track of. Especially at the beginning of the marking period when it's a 70+ day grace period or when an assignment gets moved to a different due date because of pacing, snow day, etc. It would be super helpful if the grace period could be set to be until the date of the end of the marking period. 

I haven't tried the stop accepting assignments from the activity editor, I will definitely try that in a couple weeks. That still seems somewhat time consuming when you are talking about every assignment in multiple courses. 

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Bruce Sharp


It sounds like you need to accept late submissions, but then stop at the end of the semester, correct? If so, here is one option that may be helpful.

Set your due dates and allow late submissions like you already are doing. Then, at the end of the semester, you can use the bulk editor to turn off late submissions to every assignment with only a few clicks. Here's how...

In the editor, select the Activity List tab. Use the filters to narrow down your list if you can and select your assignments using the check boxes. (This is the most time-consuming part.) Something to think about for the future is to make your activities more easily searchable. For example, I have the word "assignment" in the title of every assignment. In addition to making it clear to the students, I can search for the word "assignment" to quickly filter them. You don't see that in my screenshot because those are old assignments from years past.

Now, select the pencil tool (bulk editor).

You have a list of properties that you can change. (Some things may be grayed out depending on the types of activities you selected.) Note you also have to click the notice at the bottom acknowledging that it's your own fault if you mess up your course. Check the box for allow late submissions. Then, click to bring up the pop-up menu and select NO. When you click update, students will no longer be able to turn in late work for any of your selected activities.

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