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Error: Subtracting and Measurement - Read It (Lesson 74)

ken frederick
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but we've uncovered an error in the [Subtracting and Measurement - Read It (Lesson 74)]( The [comparison of the frog and toad]( image clearly show the frog being **3 inches** and the toad being **4 inches**. However, the answer of **1 inche** is marked wrong — [see screenshot]( — with a checkmark (i.e. correct) but states that the answer is wrong because the frog is **2 inches**. When selecting the answer of **2 inches** the answer shows an "X" (i.e. incorrect) but states that the that answer is correct — [see screenshot](

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Bruce Sharp


You need to contact Lincoln Learning Solutions as they are the ones who created the content.

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