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The lack of MB space available to completely and efficiently upload my daughters' schoolwork

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Craig Pasqueal
I'm not sure why, but I have not been able to upload more than 105MB worth of data onto any of the submission pages. The problem is that the number of pages for both the Language Arts and Social Studies which need to be handed all at once exceeds the allowable data space which makes it so the hard work my daughter put into their schoolwork go to waste, while at the same time causes their teacher to give them bad grade. Now, I see two ways this can be fixed. Either, the website expands the data capacity allowable on the submission pages to accommodate the numbers scanned documents being requested to be uploaded OR the courses need to spread out the work and allow the students to upload the work more frequently on an every other day basis, rather than expecting everything to be handed in all at once. It's just a thought, but I think either of those could work. Also, there needs to be a better way for parents, or "learning coaches", to communicate with the "teachers". I have not been able access the SIS Messages board because the links I used to use to access no longer give me access to that necessary, and whenever I try to communicate with the teacher by other means (I.E. email) I'm met with a hint of distain by the teacher because I didn't utilize the appropriate form of communication, even though I don't have any other way of communicating these important issues other than by email. I really hope someone could PLEASE help fix this issue that my children and I are having with this program.

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Marc Collins

Students can upload the large file to Google Drive, then just submit the link to the file in the dropbox. This puts the burden of containing the large file on Google Drive. Buzz just gets the link. Teachers also need to do this for some content when creating lessons and providing videos to students, as there is a limit to the size of the files teachers can use for the instructional activities in Buzz. 

Not sure if this would work for you, but figured I would share. 


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Meri Tunison

For the second issue mentioned - the email challenges: Craig, do you have contact information for either your school/online learning program that is using Buzz? Can you get ahold of them directly and ask what the best way to move forward is? Students have the capability to use the "Communications" tool in Buzz to message their teachers, but parents/observers do not: Maybe that teacher is unaware of that? 

I hope you're able to get more answers from your school/online program!

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