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Course "Progress" questions.

David Manier
My colleagues and I have been trying to figure out the "Progress" as indicated in Buzz. For each student there is a percentage listed and if the cursor hoovers over that percentage it will provide a number such as "49 of 173." Are "assignments" and "assessments" both included in the progress total? What about the "lessons?" Does "progress" include only items that are "visible" to the students or does it include items that are "hidden?" What about activities that have been edited and "deleted" by the teacher? Are these items included in the progress since they were originally included in the course? Thank you for helping us understand the "Progress" feature in Buzz so that we can accurately communicate the inforation to students and families.

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David Manier

To clarify,  I am referring to "progress" per course.  Here is an example from ELA Grade 4 V19:

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Brian Williams
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The progress indicates all activity types both gradable and non gradable. It comes from the "all activities completed" activities value in the student gradebook. It does not include activities that are hidden from the students or deleted as those activities would not display in the student gradebook.  

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