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Can students receive a zero but not be marked complete?

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Bo Gorcesky
A received some feedback from one of my virtual teachers that we wanted to share with you guys: Can the developers change the software so that assignments are not marked complete when the system automatically assigns a zero past the due date? If the system gives them a zero, such as if it is passed the due date, can they receive the zero but NOT be marked as complete?

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Jennifer Page

We all want this feature too!  It is ridiculous that the automatic 0 marks them complete with the green checkmark because they never submitted!  Please fix this asap and make a lot of teachers happy!

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Tracy Wright

I 100% agree that students which do not complete assignments and earn zeros should NOT receive a green checkmark. These assignments should not be marked completed in anyway. It would be nice if the green check could be removed. It would even be better if the green checkmark could be removed and be replaced with a red x if a zero is automatically entered.

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Russell Brown

You can make that happen by choosing the "student must have a passing score to submit" option, and then make sure that the "passing score" is set to something higher than 0.

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Bruce Sharp

If you have the course setting to automatically assign zeros to past due assignments you need to do what Russell said.

The other option would be to not have automatic zeros and instead use the setting to treat unscored as zero. This will put the score as a black zero instead of a red zero. The difference is the red zero is a submitted grade. This marks it complete because the default setting is to mark complete when submitted. The black zero still counts as a zero, but it is not a submitted grade. Therefore, it doesn't get marked as complete by default. That keeps it on the students' to-do lists. You can see where each of these options is in the screenshot below.

Unfortunately, both of these methods need to be made on each individual assignment. Personally, I go in two or three times each week and check the zero for unsubmitted option for whatever assignments have been due.

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