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Agenda - Wasted Real Estate

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Flew Flewelling

When I view the Agenda in the Agenda Editor, it takes up the whole width of the screen. (

But, when I view the Agenda itself, it compresses the agenda to fit in only about 60% of the screen. (My browser window is set to 100% Zoom in the image below.) (

Most of our students have Chromebooks. When I view the Agenda from their end, there are still those wide margins that are wasted real estate.

Can it be changed to have the Agenda screen not have all that wasted real estate and show as it is seen in the Agenda Editor?

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Jeremy Walker

Agree with Flew on this one!  It would be best if this scaled by device, but always filled the entire space.  Otherwise, I would say let's go back to the table of contents on the left side where it was easier for students to navigate to different spots in a course more quickly.

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Brian Trapp

Table of contents on the side was much better and more functional. 

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