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Prevent Video Resources from downloading

Gail J Van Rensburg

I upload MP4 videos to a course as resources, but when proxy as a student, the videos download. I want them to play in a window. I don't want students to be able to download the videos. If I embed a video from Google drive students get error messages and the video can still be downloaded if run in a new window. What is the best way to let a video run inside a course? Thanks.

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Jason Albertson

The most foolproof way to embed videos in Buzz is to upload them to YouTube, then use Buzz's YouTube video activity type to add them to the course.

  • Benefits: universal access (no sharing settings to faff about with) and super easy to upload to YouTube.
  • Drawback: limited privacy. Even if YouTube videos are set as Unlisted (that is, they can't be found by searching—viewers have to have the link), it's impossible to prevent students from copy-and-pasting the link and sending videos to others if they choose to.

The second-most foolproof way to embed videos in Buzz is to upload them to Google Drive, then change the sharing settings for those mp4 files to "Anyone in the domain" (if your school uses a GSuite).

  • Benefits: improved security
  • Drawbacks: if you're taking advantage of GDrive's improved security, access is incredibly irritating to manage. Students don't log in with their school email. You constantly field requests from students to share the video with their personal email. It's a nightmare.
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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Gail! 

To add to what Jason said you could edit the video file HTML to disable the download button in the player controller. For example: controlsList="nodownload"

Keep in mind it can become difficult as most browsers have ways of getting around this as they are designed to serve content, not restrict it. 

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Serenity Leonard

I need help with my kid buzz art test 5th grade

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