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Standards Based Grading

Lyndsey Ebben
Hello, my district uses standards based grading and I've manipulated enough of the settings in Buzz to get it to use a 4-3-2-1 for scoring assignments/assessments/etc. (Not fun by the way, and very nonsensical, two thumbs WAY down). The problem we are having is that the students are still seeing an overall percentage based grade. Why? I've told it not to calculate an overall score, I've told individual assignments not to count towards a final calculation, and yet the student sees 3% or 35.33% or a 51.33% or a 100%? How do I turn this off? It's making families very sad because when I give a score of a 3 they see their students score as a 3%.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Lyndsey!

If the activities for this topic are assessment activity types they will always display as a percentage value. There is not a way for teachers to change this at this time. We will take this feedback into consideration. Thank you! 

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Ryan Josephson

Here's what I did, it works out alright. You can adjust percentages to 1, 2, 3, 4% and relate them to a standards score.  



Then set up the score display to show letter grade.  This will then display the standards score for each item in the grading category.

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Lyndsey Ebben

Thanks Ryan, that's pretty much what I have set up. It's mostly functional if we avoid the assessments activity type. I had to use the categories as my standards so that I was able to sort the gradebook by standard, and that works fine, I just can't communicate to parents a standard score for each individual standard which would be ideal. (Our students never get one single overall course grade so Buzz isn't really set up for that.) I'll have to individually email parents with those standard scores for the quarter.

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Lyndsey Ebben

Thanks Brian, I definitely see lots of room for Buzz to grow towards standards based/grading for learning. I was excited about the built in rubrics until I noticed it totals all the points rather than keeping them as separate scores (our rubrics often assess work across multiple standards so students could score a 4, a 3, and 1 all on the same rubric, but since we don't give an overall score I need those to be three separate grades, not total to an 8/12). I'm hopeful to see helpful changes at some point!

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