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Changing Thumbnails Globally

Kristin Kotler
Is it possible to change thumbnails globally for certain assignment types? (i.e. test = pencil, discussion = people, etc)

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Bruce Sharp

I don't believe this is possible for an individual user (teacher). It may be something that can be done behind the scenes by whoever manages Buzz for your school. It would be a nice addition for Agilix to add to the bulk editor though. This would be a good feature request.

I'm not sure if you built your course or bought one pre-filled with content. We built ours and decided early on to make templates. For example we made an assignment called Homework Template. We added an icon and changed all of the settings we would most likely use for all assignments. This included things like setting the points at 10, score entry as points, mark as complete when student earns a passing score, set passing score at 70%, unchecked keep random values constant for all attempts, etc. When we want to add a new assignment we duplicate the template and add the questions. It helps make things more uniform.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Kristin:

I am sorry to say that is not available as a feature right now. 

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