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Editing content not working

Kim Hett
So, a teacher was trying to edit content in the Master course, and a "read only" occurred. There was a workaround by adding a duplicate and deleting the original, but I'd love to know a solution and not just a workaround so this doesn't happen again.

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Jason Albertson

I don't have a have a solution different from yours, but I wanted to second this post—teachers at my institution have had the same experience.

In our case, the affected content had been around since Brainhoney days (or possibly even GoCourse), and we couldn't find the original content to delink the read only content in the current class. Obviously, the content was due for renovation anyway, so no harm done, but it would be nice if read-only activities had a "Make Unique" button or something along those lines.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Kim:

This typically occurs if the content is brought in through the Digital Library as a linked item or the publisher setting in the course settings is set to prevent edits to derivative courses. 

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Jacqueline Metler

Is it possible to allow teachers to add content to a child/derivate course without allowing them to edit the base course content? For example, we have a base course. We don't want the content changed of that base course in our child course, but we want teachers to be able to create content in addition to what comes from the base course. Using Clipboard Activities is not an option. Clipboard Activities while they can be graded and weighted (or not) into the overall course grade/score do not appear in the standard Gradebook view. You can filter on that, but they don't appear next to all of the other gradable activities in that Gradebook view.

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