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Can I enable retries automatically on failing scores?

Jenny Loomis
I would like the option to enable automatic retries on assignments that students get a failing grade on. Is there a way to do this, or do I need to do it manually for each student and assignment?

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Bruce Sharp

I've never seen a way to do this. You could set the number of attempts at 2, but then anyone could retake it.

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Bruce Sharp

Now that I think about it you may be able to accomplish this with the clipboard. I don't really use the clipboard very much, so I'm not an expert. Hopefully, someone from Agilix will chime in and add to or correct this as necessary.

Click on the assessment in your gradebook. This opens the activity grader. Sort by score to group the F's. Check the box in front of each student you want to have a retake. Add those students to the clipboard. Go to the clipboard and reassign the assessment to all of the students on the clipboard.

I'm not sure if that will override the number of tries or not. If not, then maybe set the number of attempts at 2. Use the due date to lock everyone out of the assessment after their first attempt. Now you can reassign the assessment to the students on the clipboard and adjust their due date to allow them access.

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Michael Denton

The ability to auto apply a retry to an activity that did not meet the passing grade limit has been requested by some of our content editors as well.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

There is not an out of the box option for this at this time in Buzz. If you had a system that checked via API calls for failing grades in the gradebook it could in theory then use some logic to pass a retry based on the failed score threshold it should do so. 

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