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Orientation Access

Kayla Diekelman
I was locked out of the orientation videos before being able to complete and take a screenshot of the quiz after visiting another assignment. Locked out as in any access seems to have spontaneously combusted. I've been searching the website for a way to get back in (subfolders in teachers' welcome modules, a folder of some kind from the website itself), but no dice. Is there any way to get back in or did I screw myself over?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Kayla!

I am sorry you have experienced this behavior. I am not sure what may have triggered the reported behavior without details of the enrollment and activity at issue. It's possible a settings change occurred to an activity or enrollment. I recommend reaching out to your school/education organization to address being "locked out". They can then escalate the issue with Agilix Support if needed. 


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