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Troubleshooting Google Document Template

Javier Grullon
Hello, We are experiencing some issues with a google document template. The document has the right settings selected- "anyone with link can view". But, when it is viewed in Buzz we get a screen that says "you need access". We have removed the attachment and re-added it and this did not help either. What should we do?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Javier! 

Without reproduction steps to experience the error it will be difficult to say for certain what the cause of the behavior is. That said it's possible the user or the document is not part of the G Suite instance and is requesting access. If additional assistance is needed I suggest your education organization submit a ticket to Agilix Support. 

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Javier Grullon

Hey Brian!

The teacher created the document with their school issued email address that is connected to the Google Integrated GSuite. I am looking as an administrator from an account within the same gsuite. I have tried enrolling a test student, logging in, and still see a message that says "you need access". I was told this is how I submit a ticket. Can you provide a steps or a link to steps on how to submit a ticket?



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