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What do Domain Blackout Dates Affect?

Shaun Creighton
I know the support article below says that blackout dates set at the domain level affect "calculating due dates for USERS in the domain" but I just want to confirm that those dates affect USERS in the domain and not COURSES in the domain (it seems like other documentation makes blackout dates more of "course" feature). So if a student account is in Domain A and they are enrolled in a course that lives in Domain B, which domain's blackout settings will impact the due dates for that student's course?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Shaun!

Domain blackout dates are available to the user accounts that reside in the domain where the domain blackout dates are created and the user logs in through that same domain to utilize them. Which domain a course is located does not matter to utilize domain blackout dates. Course blackout dates are course specific. 

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