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Templates asking students to download them instead of showing in BUZZ

Chad T. Lower
I wrote several template pages for a course a few weeks ago and they were showing in the course correctly a few weeks ago. I updated a few of the pages last Friday and when I went to view them, BUZZ is asking me to download the page instead of displaying it. Although I only updated a handful of pages, BUZZ is displaying this behavior for all of the pages in the course, not just the ones I recently updated. Please note that this course is in development and has no students in it. As such, I don't know when this issues would have first appeared, just that I found out about it last Friday. The last time I worked on this course before Friday was June 12th. Again, the pages were displaying correctly June 12th, but aren't displaying correctly July 10th. Any thoughts as to what might have happened, or any updates made in Buzz that would cause these not to display anymore?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Chad!

I am not aware of changes to Buzz with the intent of changing how templates are accessed in the activity player. Was the resource file uploaded as an attachment in the activity editor instead of through the "Advanced assessment options" card of the activity settings? It may be worthwhile to have your organization submit a ticket to Agilix Support if this is a time sensitive issue.  

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Chad T. Lower


Thank you for the response. We ended up finding out that if we dragged and dropped individual files into the course to upload them, then the pages loaded properly. If we tried to bulk upload by dragging and dropping a folder into the course, the template pages would not load, but prompt for a download.

Speaking of uploading and downloading, any plans to bring back the content manager, or something similar?

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