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Can't access Home in the new Activity Player

Elynna Volkova

Hi, In my course, the new Activity Player doesn't give me a (visible) way to access the home screen, see my progress, etc. The three lined symbol that's supposed to be in the top left corner was replaced by a back arrow that just takes me back to the login screen. On my taskbar, the only options I have are to view an individual module, to send a message to my teachers, and to access help. I'm not sure if this is an individual course thing determined by the admins, but I figure I should at least be able to see the home screen. Any solutions?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Elynna!

When a student is working inside an activity the back button in the Buzz activity player returns students to their course activities list. It is from there that if the student needs to access their homepage they would need to select the three horizontal lines at the upper left hand side of the page (main menu) and select the home button that looks like a house (student app).

The back button in Buzz shouldn't return a student to the login page. I recommend reaching out to your teacher/education organization to address that behavior as they may need to escalate that report to the appropriate parties. 

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