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Overlapping attendance records?

Peter Bartanen
Hello, When we pull attendance records out of Buzz, we're finding that it's possible for items to overlap. We're wondering what the cause of the overlap would be, so we can understand how to best address it. Would it be due to the student having two tabs open? Is it possible for a page to not close properly, keeping attendance open? (We do have our timeout setting in place) Here's an example: enrollmentid |itemid |datetime |seconds |title class #1 | 25527_resource | 2020-06-11 19:29:57 | 35291 | 03.05 Media and Politics class #2 |8694_assignment |2020-06-11 19:30:15 |18 |01.09 Discussion-Based Assessment class #2 |19745_resource |2020-06-11 19:31:48 | 94 |01.09 Discussion-Based Assessment class #2 |6623_quiz |2020-06-11 19:33:45 |6901 |01.10 Writing Workshop Module One Exam Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Peter Bartanen

Sorry - formatting didn't keep.


Long story short, the student worked on an assignment in class 1 for several hours, but there was also activity in a different class at the same time.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Peter!

We do keep track of student activity when they use multiple browser windows in Buzz to view different activities at the same time. That is expected. 

If you are interested it may be worthwhile to enable the report setting "Exclude overlapping time" if this data is being populated through activity reports generated in Buzz. It will take into account if the student had multiple windows open and will adjust the time that is spent. 

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