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Why is my Buzz website not working?

Christina Wang

I use Chandler Online Academy Buzz at CUSD. Just today, I was working but after Ii reloaded the page the screen goes blank and black. I tried opening new Buzz pages but it does the exact same thing and now i'm unable to access it. My internet works fine, So I'm not sure what the problem is? Is this a common glitch among buzz users? I also tried reloading my computer as well but the website page is still black and blank. If it does work, I login but then get this message:

Unable to navigate

Thanks in advance!!! Sincerely, Christina Wang

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Christina!

I am sorry this behavior occurred. Please reach out to Chandler to address this and if needed, they may submit a ticket to Agilix Support for additional followup it if the behavior remains.  

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