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Marc Collins
Thank you for all the continuous improvement Agilix does with Buzz. The new activity player looks great - but we have some feedback. We have explored the new and old activity players on a variety of curriculums and certainly appreciate the improvements. However, both students and teachers are missing the option for the left-hand navigation to show the module/folder/activity layout while the user is active in the activities. It is easy to feel lost when this is not available. Students can not look at a glance and see what activities come next, which they have recently completed, what other activities are in that folder/module, or which module they are currently working in. I see that there are the 'breadcrumbs' up top, but that does not provide as much information or as effective of a visual representation of where they are in the course. The absence of the left-hand navigation bar has been the determining factor in our remaining in the old activity player. Would it be possible to offer this as an option with the new activity player? It would address the downside and make the transition more seamless. Marc

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Kevin McBride

I agree. The left-hand navigation was far easier to understand at a glance.

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Tami Warnick

I also agree. The left-hand navigation was really nice and our students liked the ability to see their green checkmarks on competed items as they moved through the content.

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