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Icon for late submissions after auto-zero

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Jason Albertson

Teachers at my institution love the ability to make late assignments auto-grade as zero but still allow late submission. Auto-zeroed assignments with late submission allowed still show up in to do lists. This is great!

However, it doesn't always seem to get through to students that they can turn in these assignments--if they don't either use the to-do list or open the assignment itself, it's not obvious that late submission is allowed.

In the class player, auto-zeroed assignments with late submission allowed receive the checkmark icon overlay just like completed assignments.

In the students' grades view, those assignments don't have a "retry allowed" icon or anything similar to prompt submission.

Hence, product feedback: we'd love to see (1) the class player display a different icon overlay for auto-zeroed late assignments with late submission enabled and (2) the student-side grade viewer display a retry-allowed icon (or something similar) for those assignments. We think that might intuitively prompt students to go back and hit those late assignments.

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This is a significant problem for students and parents who see the assignment as completed.  There has still not been any changes on this issue since April.  This would be especially helpful for users as the way it presents now is definitely confusing.  

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