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Question Type - Ordering: After Selecting First Step, Step Selection Does Not Hold

Annette Walaszek
We are using the Ordering question type. When students answer these questions they will probably first select the step 1. To do that, they will click the down arrow next to the 1 in the top box and continue to move that "1" box down as needed. The problem arises when the next step is selected. If students move the "2" box past the "1" box, the position of the "1" box changes. I've recorded a short screencast, steps only and no sound, showing that the "1" box position changes. Is it possible to change the way these questions are working so the boxes "stick" where they are placed?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Annette:

The boxes will move in relation to the other boxes around it via the up and down arrows. The example in your video is using the old activity player which we have made some improvements in the look and design of ordering questions in the new activity player that may provide additional clarity of use. The new activity player may be enabled in your domain features page as an administrator. 

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Annette Walaszek

Thank you, Brian. Just checked in the new activity player and that perfectly solves our problem!


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Bruce Sharp

Hi Annette,

I'm going to butt in with a suggestion. You have your ordering question in the default configuration like this.

Instead, I suggest when in the question editor you scroll down and check the box that says show inline.

Now when you (the student) clicks the arrows to reorder the choices the whole sentence moves. So the answers are actually shown in the order the student wants. It is much easier to keep track of what they are doing. Compare the example below to the first image which both show sample correct student answers.


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Annette Walaszek

Thank you so much, Bruce. Even without the new activity player, we are now good-to-go on the ordering questions that were causing much consternation. We greatly appreciate your suggested fix!


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