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Copy Agenda to another day?

Flew Flewelling
Several of the teachers in my department will put their Agenda for the week into Monday and then copy/paste them into every day the rest of the week. Is there a way to mass copy the Agenda to another day in the same course? For instance, select Monday's Agenda. Copy to Tuesday through Friday. And, Buzz would copy the Agenda to each of those days.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Flew!

Currently a teacher may "duplicate" an agenda to another day by selecting the duplicate button on an already created agenda. The teacher will need to create one duplicate at a time for each day they need to have the agenda be duplicated for. See How do I create agendas for my students? under the section of "Duplicating agendas" for more information on this process. 

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Flew Flewelling


In August, we upgraded to the version of Buzz that allows us to do this now.  Are there any talks about adding a feature that allows teachers to copy an agenda to multiple days at a time?  Many of the teachers in my department past their entire week's worth of agenda in every day of the week. The benefits to this are that the students can see what's ahead and what's behind very quickly and easily.  We would love to be able to copy Monday's agenda to Tuesday through Friday with one click. Instead of copying it over each individually.


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